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MOSCOW – Andrew Crapuchettes, the former CEO of what is now Emsi Burning Glass in Moscow, has founded RedBalloon, a company that places Americans “in careers that will enhance their freedom,” according to its website.

Its website has a searchable database with hundreds of job postings from many companies across the country. Positions last week included teachers in private schools in Los Angeles, an insurance agent in Chehalis, Wash., And a prefabricated steelwork technician in Sanford, Maine.

Attempts to reach RedBalloon through the Tribune for this story were unsuccessful.

“By subscribing to the RedBalloon service, you agree, as an employer, not to discriminate against the personal beliefs of your employees, to infringe their constitutional rights, to infringe their medical privacy or to make vaccination a condition of employment “, according to an employer’s commitment on the website. .

RedBalloon was created this year “as a solution to the ever-growing problem of government overbreadth and” cancellation culture “pervading the American workplace,” according to its website.

The company connects “like-minded companies and Americans who seek the freedom to work without fear of discrimination against personal beliefs, violation of constitutional rights or invasion of medical privacy,” according to its site Web.

The address of RedBalloon’s main office is southeast of Moscow, according to the Idaho Secretary of State’s website.

Crapuchettes brought 20 years of experience at Emsi to his new role as CEO of RedBalloon.

He was Emsi’s third employee and became its CEO, helping the company grow into a company of over 200 employees before merging with Burning Glass Technologies this year and becoming Emsi Burning Glass on June 14.

Now, Crapuchettes is an advisor to the board of directors of Emsi Burning Glass, which “has no interaction with the day-to-day operations of the company,” said Isaac Lopez, spokesperson for Emsi Burning Glass, in a report. -mail.

Emsi Burning Glass is headquartered in Boston and Moscow, with offices in the UK, Italy, New Zealand and India. It has the backing of KKR’s private equity, he said.

The Labor Market Analysis Company describes itself as “the world’s leading authority on professional skills, workforce talents and labor market dynamics, providing expertise that empowers businesses, education service providers and governments find the skills and talents they need and enables workers to unlock new career opportunities. . “

Lewiston’s fabric maker expands into new markets

Clearwater Paper is successful in increasing sales of its tissue paper products in both big box and club stores.

This update was provided last week by the company’s President and CEO Arsen Kitch during a conference call for stock analysts on Clearwater Paper’s net income in the third quarter of 2021 of 1, $ 9 million.

One of Lewiston’s largest employers, Clearwater Paper rebounds from its second quarter of this year in April, May and June, when it lost $ 52 million, leaving it with a loss of $ 37.6 million dollars for the first nine months of this year, despite stronger first and third. quarters.

Last year Clearwater Paper made $ 54.5 million in the first nine months of the year.

One of Clearwater Paper’s areas of focus, Kitch said, is the diversification of its customers.

Previously, more than three-quarters of the company’s private label toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and facial tissues were sold to grocery retailers, but that number has fallen to more than half, did he declare.

“There is more to do,” Kitch said. “We are always overweight in the grocery store.”

Mass merchants and club stores are important because the top three customers in that market account for about 65% of all private label fabric purchases, said Kitch, who did not name the stores.

“We’re always more focused on the grocery store, but it’s definitely something we’re working on to make sure we’re aligned with where the growth is taking place,” he said.

Clarkston Walmart gets a makeover

The pharmacy expansion is part of the entire store renovation underway at Walmart in Clarkston.

The pharmacy will have a health services room where pharmacists can see customers privately and vaccines can be administered, according to an email from Walmart.

The store is also adding a “mother’s room” where women can breastfeed their babies, according to the email.

A larger grocery pickup center for online orders, a cooler space in the dairy department and updated interior and exterior panels, as well as new flooring and automatic checkouts, are also part of the package. work.

The value of the improvements is $ 213,795, according to building permits filed with the Town of Clarkston.

Internal medicine doctor begins practice at Gritman

MOSCOW – Dr Christopher Bullard joined the Gritman Internal Medicine Clinic as an Internal Medicine Physician.

Bullard treats adult patients at the clinic and at Gritman Medical Center, focusing on solving complex medical problems, according to a press release from Gritman.

Grandson of a doctor in a small town in Iowa, Bullard was inspired to enter medicine after seeing how his grandfather helped patients and developed bonds with them, according to the press release.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, he is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of Washington.

His wife is Dr Robin Sautter, a primary care and obstetrics physician, who has also just started practicing at Gritman.

Gritman Internal Medicine is located at 719 S. Main St. in Moscow. His phone number is (208) 883-1152.

U-Haul Dealer Added to Genesee Store

The Genesee Supermarket at 216 W. Chestnut St. in Genesee has registered as a U-Haul neighborhood dealership.

Hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, according to a U-Haul statement.

The company, which provides services such as U-Haul truck rentals and the sale of moving supplies, caters to clients such as first responders, delivery companies, students, and moving families. ‘house to house, according to the press release.

More than 20,000 dealerships in the United States and Canada are earning additional income through their U-Haul partnerships, according to the press release.

Avista offers tips for staying warm on a budget

Setting the thermostat to no more than 68 degrees is one way for families to cut electricity and natural gas costs as the cold weather begins to set in.

That advice comes from Avista Utilities, which issued a press release with tips for minimizing heating costs during the colder fall and winter months.

Other suggestions include:

• Replace the furnace filters every one or two months to maintain good air circulation.

• Limit the use of radiators to small occupied areas for short periods and avoid using them as the main source of heat as they are more expensive than other heating methods.

• Restrict the use of wood-burning fireplaces in extremely cold weather and close the damper when not in use. Chimneys can deprive homes of the heat provided by heating systems.

• Turn down baseboard heaters in rooms with little use and close doors in those rooms, as well as vacuum baseboard coils to remove dust and improve heat transfer.

• Turn off the kitchen, bathroom and other fans when not needed. In an hour, fans can suck all the warm air out of a house.

• Wear a sweater or use an extra blanket instead of turning up the thermostat.

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