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STARZ P-Valley is finally back for another season! Ahead of the show’s premiere, The Inside Hollywood’s Jazzie Belle sat down with creator, executive producer and Pulitzer Prize-winning Katori Hall to discuss all things Pynk. When asked if she could describe the new season without hesitation, Katori answered with one word: deeper. And that’s exactly where this season will take you, deeper into the lives of The Pynk’s most beloved characters.

Actor Nicco Annan, aka Uncle Clifford, the polarizing boss of The Pynk, says the reason he thinks the show is a success is in large part due to its unprecedented truth and authenticity.

“I think you can feel this show was created for us and by us,” Annan said. “As for the hair, as for the wardrobe, as for the makeup, as for the nails. The nails were different in the first season…the trends have changed. Things change and we evolve and we as a culture Culture talks about different trends and what’s happening and I feel like all of that truth is in the story.

Actress Brandee Evans – who plays Mercedes, the bodied and vivacious queen of The Pynk Pole – shared how hard she worked in the gym and on her dance moves to not only become a ‘quarantine statistic’ earner of weight, but also put on a show for viewers.

“I used this [the gym] like my therapy, then it also helped me with the show. It was very hard this season with the stunts. I’m two years older, my body is two years older,” Evans shared. “Just trying to do the stunts was a lot harder… So even for me like last season, I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m the dancer’ and then seeing these new girls coming in [where] art is to imitate life. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they’re younger, they’re moving, they’re nimble.’ I call Nicco, I say to myself: “This split is not over!” So we all really had to get to where we were and then rise from there.

Actor and musician J. Alphonse Nicholson aka Lil Murda – the rising rap star with a hidden passion and love affair – says he feels honored to play his “extremely complex character” and gets the chance to show his range as an actor.

Asked about the secret sauce behind the show, Nicholson simply said, “[The] Black woman. That’s it. You have a black woman leading this tribe. This is where the beginning of time comes from, we all come from this. We all come from this gene. It’s the secret that really isn’t a secret. It just got around and people aren’t using this ingredient as much as they should.

Shannon Thornton bka Miss Mississippi – whose pole skills have turned her into a viral sensation – is thrilled that fans are understanding the story from top to bottom as to why her character is the way she is.

“You’ll get answers to questions about her relationship with Derek, why she stays, what made her fall in love with him,” she shared. “You can also see some of the abuse. There are so many ups and downs in his story.

Parker Sawyer as André – the budding businessman with ambition and a soft spot for Autumn Night – is thrilled we’re seeing a “much richer, layered character.” This season, audiences get a “nicer introduction” to Andre.

“This time I think you are a full human being,” he said. “You immediately see his sides and what he has to face in the present. His heart returns to the past. So that’s going to inform the future so it’s a much richer André, who I think is easy to identify with.

Elarica Johnson, the actress who plays Autumn Night – the sexy stripper turned co-owner of The Pynk – says that this season fans will see a bit of a power struggle between her and Uncle Clifford, but the only thing Autumn a is to know the business and know the numbers.

“We know who the true owner of the Pynk is and that fight is ongoing throughout season two. But this place is cozy for fall because that’s where it started. It’s the part of his story that we never really got to see, the public never really got to see. She put her feet so comfortably in these boss shoes that there will be no questions asked. She’s done that before, she knows what she’s doing.

Ever since the pre-pandemic debut of the first season, fans of the show have been craving for P-Valleyare back and dubbed themselves “The Pynk Posse”. In Hall’s latest Instagram post, she tells her followers, “The past two years have been difficult beyond belief: season two is a chronicle of our resilience.” Well, you know what they say: “The greater the difficulty, the greater the reward.”

When asked what was the biggest reward she received and who surprised her the most during filming, she shared, “I learned that sometimes being a leader has nothing to do with with experience. Sometimes it has a lot more to do with compassion and understanding. And for a long time I thought that because I didn’t have a lot of experience, maybe I shouldn’t be in this position. Every day I just came to bed with love. It made me more confident as a leader and it’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve received.

With P-Valley, never before have we seen a series delve into the lives of sex workers and humanize them in a way that people from all walks of life can relate to. To tackle issues like racism, colorism, sexuality, domestic violence, betrayal and family. It’s no surprise that season 1 brought the world to a standstill and you can expect the same with season 2. So take a seat and enjoy this ride because the return of P-Valley began.

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