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Newport, Rhode Island, January 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Audrain Motorsport today announced the acquisition of creative and digital content creator Empire Films. Empire founder Matt Albano will join the Audrain Motorsport team in Newport, Rhode Island as Director of Video Media Production, reporting to CEO Donald Osborne.

With the acquisition of Empire Films, Audrain Motorsport will now be able to enable collectors, institutions and businesses to bring the history of their special vehicles to life in compelling video productions. Not only will Audrain Motorsport be able to engage customers to help them bring their visions to life, but this new venture allows Audrain to continue to push the boundaries with its own creative and digital content. “We look forward to diving head first into the world of creative media,” said Osborne. “I can only begin to imagine what this new partnership will bring in 2022 and beyond.”

With Audrain’s impressive roster of automotive events this year, as well as the highly anticipated Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week 2022 this fall, car enthusiasts can look forward to a wide variety of new digital and cinematic content.

“The sky is our limit for the future,” adds Osborne. “With our constantly growing content team and now with the Empire acquisition, we will easily be able to outperform and build on the solid foundation we have already established. Fans of our YouTube channel can now look forward to a new range of exciting content that will include track days, car tours, road rallies and races, not to mention premium digital coverage of the exciting schedule of Audrain events. It’s a car enthusiast’s dream come true.

Empire joins the Audrain team with an impressive portfolio of work, spanning all corners of the United States. Spanning north to south, Empire’s CV is well decorated, having worked with popular companies like Porsche, Porsche Club of America, Motor Trend, PowerBar, Toys-R-Us, and Monticello Motor Club. “Our work experience has taken us to a number of diverse environments – spanning communications, automotive, dance, childhood and outdoor groups,” said Albano. “This is an advantage that will perfectly complement the Audrain Motorsport initiative. We understand the modernity needs in building a company’s digital content-driven initiatives. The tools for creating great looking videos are more accessible and the demand for unique videos is increasing every year. The passion that brought us together to create Empire Video Productions is the passion that sustains us every year – to create memorable moments in time.

“It is this passion that has drawn Audrain Motorsport to this exciting video group, and the new relationship will provide unforgettable and memorable video experiences,” adds Osborne. “We look forward to pushing the limits of what is possible by delivering unprecedented and memorable automotive experiences,” said Osborne.

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About Matt Albano

Matthew Albano, founder and producer of Empire Films, grew up loving cars and fondly remembers attending many cruise nights and racing events with his father and brother. Matt discovered his love for video production while studying at Ramapo College of New Jersey majoring in Business Management. Matt interned at a television production studio near New York where he decided he wanted to combine his business studies with his love for storytelling. Matt launched Empire Films shortly after graduation.

Early in his career, Matt established ties with Porsche North America, which enabled him to document motorsport events and provide storytelling work in the auto industry. It was here that his love for cars and his passion for production first met. Over the following years, Matt continued to collaborate on projects with automotive brands such as MotorTrend, the Sports Car Driving Association, the Monticello Motor Club, as well as the Porsche Club of America.

Although his enthusiasm for cars was what bound him and brought him closer to the Audrain group, Matt’s love for filmmaking didn’t limit him to the auto industry. He has collaborated on many other productions in virtually every other industry including Toys ‘R’ Us Canada, several different healthcare systems, national clothing brands, live broadcast agencies, and is currently co-producing a feature documentary. focused on food insecurity in the United States.

Matt is excited to join the Audrain team and ready to bring your creative vision to life!


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