Anonymous website attacks Bill Folden. We expose the culprit.

The former State of Maryland Del. Bill Folden is a Republican candidate for State Senate in District 4.

An anonymous website – – went live this month attacking Mr Folden’s conduct as a Frederick County police officer.

In January 2022A minor detail submitted a request to the Maryland Public Information Act for the documents listed on the disparaging Folden website.

However, A minor detail has chosen not to publish the results of the public information request.

Similar information about Folden’s record as a police officer was already in the public domain.

Videos posted on the anonymous site ostensibly portray Bill Folden’s police conduct in a negative or unfavorable context.

If you support Folden, you will say that the videos demonstrate the authenticity of Folden.

But Folden’s critics might say the released videos show Folden acting like a jerk.

Who is hiding behind the anonymous site attacking Bill Folden?

The website lists its creator as Captain Insano.

Is the website owner a fan of The Waterboy?

Capitan Insano shows no mercy.

The domain was recorded on April 3, 2022, by

The site owner does not disclose his identity to

The Folden attack website lists an [email protected] email address.

A secondary email address linked to the [email protected] email account is listed below.

James Gross' email address is linked to a Bill Folden site

Our process for determining who is responsible for creating the website

A minor detail submitted a public information request requesting documents indicating who requested Bill Folden’s criminal records.

You can review A minor details Results of the PIA request in Folden PIA Requests.

Only three people submitted public information requests for Folden’s disciplinary records.

Frederick County officials denied Lamonda’s latest PIA request because it was too broad.

Lamonda’s first PIA request for Folden’s police records was also denied for failing to include a phone number and home address with the request.

Mr Grose is pictured below with Republican Maryland gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox, a state delegate from District 4 and QAnon conspiracy theorist.

James Gross is pictured with QAnon Whackjob Dan Cox

Email-address [email protected] is directly related to Mr. Grose.

A quick review of the anonymous website attacking Bill Folden:

  • The site uses the same website template and host as James Grose’s Republican Central Committee website
  • And the site shares a nearly identical website template to Hagerstown State Del’s campaign website. Brenda Thiam.

James Gross created a derogatory website targeting Bill Folden

Are James Grose and/or Jason Miller responsible for the Folden attack site?

Maryland’s campaign finance reports show that Jason Miller is responsible for creating Thiam’s campaign website.

Mr. Miller’s personal Facebook page shows that he is employed by the Maryland General Assembly as Del’s chief of staff. Thiam.

Deputy Chief of Staff Brenda Thiam is Jason Miller

James Grose is pictured below.

James Gross responsible for creating the Bill Folden attack website

In 2016, Maryland Political Blog Seventh Estate reported that James Grose had once threatened a Baltimore Sun reporter and expressed extremist positions.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Grose are running for the Frederick County Republican Central Committee on a self-funded slate.

James Gross and Jason Miller create a website disparaging Bill Folden's record as a Frederick County police officer.

Bill Folden previously represented District 3B in the House of Delegates from 2014 to 2018; Ken Kerr defeated him in the 2018 election.

Stephen Barret is the other Republican seeking the Republican nomination for District 4 Senate.

In November’s general election, the winner of the July 19 District 4 Republican Senate primary will face Democrat Carleah Summers.

Eric is a former Frederick County Republican Club and Frederick County Republican Central Committee officer from 2015-2018. Former guest host on WFMD and showrunner on WTHU. Avid gardener and food curator. Graduated from libertarianism to anarchism because the level of corruption in the state forces us to start from scratch.

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