An expert from the colocation site sets up the Build To Rent portal…

The man behind the Ideal Flatmate rental platform has now set up a Build To Rent portal called Your Place.

All properties listed will be pre-approved by an in-house team who say they will have “a range of additional amenities designed to enhance residents’ rental experience”, such as free Wi-Fi, concierge services and gyms.

Your Place says its users will be mostly young professionals between the ages of 25 and 35, working in urban areas. Sharers will also be able to use the platform and utilize the ability to match the perfect roommate through a plugin.

The portal has a dedicated team to handle inquiries and claims to have the ability to conduct visits when needed and organize on-site resident search events.

Build To Rent developers already on board include Grainger, Get Living, Dandara and Vertus, with units in London, Manchester, Leeds and Aberdeen.

Co-founder Tom Gatzen says: “We are excited about this new chapter of the business and the opportunity to become the go-to place for tenants looking for accommodation in the growing number of BTR homes in the UK. -United.

“The sector is currently small compared to the US and the rest of Europe, but this is changing rapidly as the housing market continues to shift towards people renting well into their 30s.

“Our goal is to help as many young professionals move into this new brand of rental properties with their added conveniences and benefits for the modern renter.”

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