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Axel Webber is a popular new TikTok star who has sparked controversy.

It is not uncommon today for individuals to become popular on TikTok simply because they have an interesting aspect in their lives. Maybe it’s the way they dress or their personality, but for Axel Webber it was his little apartment in New York.

Since TikTok is a short platform, it has been noted that it is much easier to get a following than on longer platforms such as Youtube where the viewer watches the content for a longer period of time.

For this reason, many people have found success and a following simply by posting about their lives on the app. Most of these people go through social media with minimal controversy, but one has stood out in the last month.

Axel Webber is one of the popular new faces on TikTok and Youtube. He became known largely for his videos showing his small apartment in New York, claiming that it is one of the “smallest apartments in the city”. At first, people just seemed to like his personality and that he was trying to live alone in a new town. It also seemed like her New York content was far more relevant than many other influencers who live in huge apartments and have aesthetic lifestyles.

However, over time more and more information came to light about Webber that seemed to put him in a less relatable light. It was discovered that he came from a wealthy family in Georgia and already had a manager from Los Angeles who was able to get Webber to many exclusive New York events.

As this information began to come out, Axel began posting about his new goal which was to be accepted into Julliard’s acting program. Juilliard, a prestigious performing arts school in New York, is known to have an incredibly low acceptance rate of 8% and their acting school only accepts around 7-12 people per year. In a TikTok, he talked about his audition and he also showed his rejection letter from the school.

In response to Webber’s rejection from Juilliard, his fans took to the school’s social media and commented under their posts that they should have let him in, using the hashtag #justiceforaxel.

After being rejected from Juilliard, Webber got a modeling contract with The Society, a major modeling agency in New York.

Throughout the controversy, many people expressed frustration with Webber, believing that privilege and wealth were largely tied to his success over other creators on social media.

Axel Webber is just one example of how many different aspects of an individual’s life can lead them to find more success on platforms than others. Looking through TikTok shows that being a creator can often be a blessing but also the perks you already have in life.

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