Dog Clicker Games

So, are you interested in finding some good clicker games you and your dog can play together? This is excellent news. Even though your dog is not a human, he/she still craves social interaction, and just as young children love games, so does your favorite four legged friend. Games are good for your relationship with your pet, and are also critical in your dog’s development.

One fun Clicker Heroes 2 you can play with you dog is “roll over”. When teaching your dog these “tricks” as games, it is important to realize them for what they are… a game. Don’t take it too seriously in the way that if your dog fails at it, he is a bad dog. Games are for you to enjoy together, and to give you and your dog good bonding time. Using treats, try making your dog roll over.

You may need to physically roll your dog over a few times to get him/her started, but that’s ok. Whenever your dog does it, click your clicker while moving it in a spiraling motion, and give a treat. Keep this up, and pretty soon, your dog will roll over whenever you click and move your clicker in a spiral! Another fun game is the “turn around” game, where you teach your dog to “turn around” in a 360 degree circle when you click and move your clicker in a circle. Games like these are really good for your dog.

And, it is important to remember that the time spent with your dog playing games isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about having a good time together. So, put seriousness aside for a little while, get out your clicker, and have some fun with your favorite pet. Show him/her how much you love him/her, and never forget to reward a good job with a treat.

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